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Hello I’m Dr. Bonanno.

When I was a kid, my mom had a stroke, and then right after that, my dad got sick with cancer and died. It was incredibly sad. It was overwhelmingly painful. And, my mom became bitter and took it out on me and my brother. It was terrible and, I would have to say that, I was a very messed up kid.

I went to therapy for a long time, in fact, about 25 years. And it wasn’t helping me. It was well-meaning therapists who did care but going over the same old stuff week after week just wasn’t releasing my pain, it was rehearsing my pain. And sometimes I even got so stirred up that I couldn’t even drive home.

I took a whole bunch of medications from well-meaning doctors who also wanted to help me. But, they had side-effects, they’re addictive, they’re expensive and they just didn’t help.

It’s a hopeless feeling to want help but feel there are no effective options available to you. I created Waji to change that. 


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