The Freedom to Focus on You, Not Your Trauma.

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No More Just Dealing With Emotional Pain. Reduce and Even Eliminate Your Symptoms With Waji
It's time to fight back against your trauma-related symptoms.
Traditional Therapies Are Never Going to Work.

Traditional therapies are often ineffective for treating PTSD or trauma because they engage only the logical side of the brain. Trauma, however, is associated with the emotional side of the brain, which most therapies cannot reach.

In other words, your therapist can help you understand why you are struggling, but no matter how many talk therapy sessions you attend, you will still be struggling. And your wallet will be a lot lighter.

Waji provides a gentle and proven way using rapid eye movements to calm your brain and let it know that you are safe and there is no need for the alarm to be overactive.

By Processing Unresolved Trauma You Can Significantly Reduce Or Even Eliminate Your Symptoms
You Can Finally Get Some Peace...
How Can Waji Help Me?
With Waji, you can look forward to a decrease in triggers, as well as an overall reduction in your trauma symptoms and emotional distress, all of which happens gently, naturally and at your comfort level.
Prevent & Tackle Triggers

Waji can help you to reduce or do away with known triggers, and stress that you experience in day-to-day life. Waji will change how you respond when the trigger occurs in the future.

Lower Your Trauma Response

Waji will gradually lower the distress associated with your trauma in a much more manageable way. Often this looks like, a lesser negative reaction than usual. You will feel less on edge.

Turn Off Your Overactive Alarm

Processing unresolved trauma will help you get peace, closure and release any unwanted emotions that are holding you back, and will ease the emotional pain and symptoms your continuously having to deal with.

Waji gives you the freedom to take action to heal and find immediate relief, eventually leading to long-term relief.
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