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Using Waji to process your trigger can positively change your future reactions, leading to immediate relief. Work at your own pace, and use your newfound understanding and personalized treatment guide to address more significant trauma events. The more sessions you complete, the better you’ll feel. Addressing significant events can ease emotional pain and symptoms, propelling your healing journey with Waji.

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Using Waji can help you positively change how you respond to, and how much you are affected by triggers like this one in the future.

Just 15 Minutes Per Session

Using Waji to Process The Trigger Identified

Using Waji can positively change how you react to similar situations in the future, leading to immediate relief. Focus your first sessions on the trigger you identified and use Waji’s gentle five-phase proprietary healing protocol to guide you through the process.


Open the Waji app and select "Start Session."

Waji sessions are simple and easy to do. Just log on to your computer when you're feeling up for it, and follow the on-screen prompts.


Focus your first session on the trigger you identified

When prompted by Waji, recall the triggering event. Use the specific trigger you identified using our LaunchPad tool.

Picture how you would like to respond if you encounter this trigger, again in the future

Waji Will Guide You Through Every Step of Your Session Toward Relief

When asked how you would have wanted to react, use the answer you provided in the LaunchPad tool and go with that for the following eye-movement set.

Getting Started With Waji Has Never Been Easier!
By Identifying what to work on first, you can begin the healing process right away, gradually easing into it while experiencing relief and learning how to process other unresolved trauma.

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