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Watch this short video to learn more about Dr Dave Bonanno’s
approach to treating with Phobias. 

After 26 years of suffering from PTSD Dr Dave Bonanno came to the realisation that traditional therapies and medications where largely ineffective against Phobias and PTSD and in some cases made matters worse. Since developing his revolutionary approach called Waji, Dr Bonanno has successfully helped over 5000 PTSD and Phobia clients using this simple program.

It is estimated that over 9% of U.S Citizens suffer from a Specific Phobia.

If your phobia is persistent, intense, and an unrealistic fear of a certain object or situation – Waji can help. Here’s a small list of (but not limited to) the more common Phobias already treated using the Waji App.

Fear of Snakes

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Heights

Fear of Dentist

Fear of Driving

Fear of Flying

How does the Waji for Phobias work?

The Waji Program is delivered in 4 simple steps.

Learn How to Use Waji

The program begins with Dr. Dave’s welcome video and some valuable ‘Waji Tips’ to help guarantee your success. Then, everything is clearly explained in the Waji Tutorial video before you are asked to complete the symptom questionnaire and working with your Waji App.

Start Waji Treatment

Using the Waji Treatment App is simple, quick, and easy. To get maximum benefit from the App, you should complete a minimum of 2 sessions. This allows you to (1) address the current symptoms before (2) addressing the root cause of the phobia.

Meet with Success Coach

After completing your first 2 sessions with the App, you are invited to attend an online follow-up session with Doctor Bonanno, or another one of our liscensed therapy provider to assess your progress and help you get the most from the App. Many users skip this stage due to the high percentage of success after only 2 sessions..

Live a Happier Life

For many users, two Waji sessions is all they need to move forward with their lives. The idea of going to the dentist, for example, will probably still not feel desirable, but it will now be possible without crippling fear, and anxiety. Being able to accomplish these tasks that once felt impossible, will improve your quality of life, happiness, self-esteem, health, and relationships. But most of all, you’ll be back behind the wheel of your own life, instead of clinging to the door handle in the passenger seat.

I’m going to take you by the hand and show you my revolutionary method for overcoming your Phobias and getting your life back – all from the comfort of your own home.

From the Desk of Dr Dave:

Dear Phobia sufferer,

Does your life feel limited, are you struggling or feel embarrassed?

Phobias have a habit of creating isolation for many people, restricting their normal living experiences and leaving them feeling out of control.

This feeling of helplessness is a common thread that runs through the lives of most Phobia sufferers.

But it Doesn’t have to be that way.

The great news is, when you treat the phobia and not the symptoms, the negative feelings that come with the phobia are also dissolved.

That’s why Waji uses the two-pronged approach of identifying the symptoms (the signpost that leads to the cause) and then dealing directly with the root of the cause – all within the Waji App.

Look, I know this may sound simple but trust me when I tell you that complex issues do not need complex solutions. It simply isn’t so.

For 26 years I saw therapist after therapist until I could not bear to talk about my issues anymore.

Due to PTSD, my life had been a rollercoaster of loneliness, addiction, intense emotional pain, broken relationships, and financial ruin.

The fact is – I hated my life.

My goal was to become a whole person, to know, love and feel what it meant to have real connection with myself and others.

I am sure you feel the same.

Phobias, like PTSD can impact on the most important aspects of your life.

The longer you live with the issue the harder it gets because the next problem compounds on the last one and make life even more unbearable.

Those dark clouds can impact on every aspect of your life – leading to feelings of helplessness.

But your real goal is to be free from the clutches of your phobia. Right?!

Now there are three ways you can do this.

Imagine how proud your family and friends will be when they see you enjoying your life fully.

Free from anxiety, isolation, and embarrassment, feeling excited about the future.

It is time to put the Phobia behind you and live the life you were born to live.

As a special offer today, you can access the Waji Treatment Program and app for a one-time offer of only $197

Think about all the things you have missed out on so far in life and then imagine what your life will look like, feel like, sound like, and taste like – free from your phobia.

Waji users have reported feeling lighter, brighter and so much more happier after only 2 sessions.

And you can experience that too.

Video Testimonials from Waji Users

As a special offer today, you can access the Waji Program and app for a one-time investment of only $119

Imagine how much you would have saved in money alone if you had accessed this 12 months ago and imagine how much you will save in the next 12 months – and that’s without costing the costs of the pain and misery suffered by you and the ones you love as they see you destroy your life.

The Waji Confidence Money Back-Guarantee

Our Promise: If you don’t experience noticeable relief from your PTSD symptoms, we will work with you until you feel the full benefits of your Waji Treatment Program, or issue a full refund**


Over 5000 people have already successfully been treated by Dr. Dave Bonnano’s to free themselves from the shackles of their Phobias and PTSD.

You can read 100’s of their reviews on Google and see for yourself. Simply search: 'Dr Dave Bonanno Therapy reviews'

As a special offer today, you can access the Waji Program and app for a one-time investment of only $119

If you are still on the fence and would like to discover more about the Waji Program – click on the green button below to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, where Dr. Dave covers all the common questions people ask before buying.

We understand that choosing the right therapy to treat your Phobia is an important life- changing decision.
We are here to answer all your questions with 100% transparency.

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PS: The only thing you can lose is the one thing you want to lose most of all. Remember, everything is backed by The Waji Confidence Money Back Guarantee**

If you don’t experience noticeable relief from your Phobia symptoms, we will work with you until you feel the full benefits of your Waji Treatment Program, or issue a full refund (Conditions apply)


Imagine what it will feel like to be finally free from the pain and suffering as you wake up each morning feeling free and optimistic about the day ahead. Take that first step NOW in the right direction – 

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