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How Waji Works

Waji uses the power of rapid eye movements to help your mind and body release so much of the pain you’ve been carrying in a healthy and managable way. This approach has been shown to be more effective in reducing and even eliminating trauma related symptoms.

Heal At Your Pace & Comfort Level With Waji

We understand that healing from trauma is different for everyone. That’s why we provide a comprehensive step-by-step approach that allows individuals to process their unresolved trauma, situational triggers, and emotional pain in the way that feels best for them. Our guided approach empowers you to focus on your healing when it feels right for you, and makes sure you’re getting the relief, and help you need—both in the short-term and long-term.

Waji Provides Relief Where You Need It Most

✅ Major Trauma Events

You can work through major traumatic, or stressful life events that has caused your emotional suffering. This can help you get peace, closure and release any unwanted emotions that are holding you back. Focusing on the bigger events may ease the emotional pain and symptoms your continuously having to deal with.

✅ Trauma Events

Trauma events are smaller, hurtful things or situations that happen in the context of a larger traumatic event. Processing these lingering emotions helps to ensure that you’ve processed the larger event in it’s entirety, making it less likely to resurface.

✅ Triggers & Stressors

With Waji, you can decrease or eliminate known triggers and day-to-day stressors, resulting in a more positive response when triggers occur in the future. This can lead to a reduced negative reaction, possibly even unnoticed by others. As you continue to use Waji, you may find that things that once triggered you no longer have the same effect. By removing the worry of being triggered, you can enjoy improved relationships and a better quality of life over time.

Waji Program Overview

Waji aims to get you to a place where your trauma isn’t causing you severe pain or holding you back from being your best and happiest self. We provide multiple types of treatment guides designed to fit into any type of schedule. 

Quickly Learn How To Use Waji

Quickly Learn How To Use Waji

Getting started with Waji is simple. After completing the sign-up process, you can begin using the application immediately after completing a short tutorial. This tutorial will provide you with key insights to help you heal and understand how to use the Waji treatment application.

Get Your Personalized
Waji Treatment Plan

Our automated treatment plan builder will help you effortlessly craft your personalized plan. You can use your treatment plan as a road map for what you need to work on during each treatment session and stage of the Waji journey. 

Please keep in mind that you’re not limited to your treatment plan. We encourage you to use Waji to work on whatever feels most pressing or important to you.

Using the Waji Treatment Application

Waji sessions typically last 15 minutes and consist of five phases of healing, each with specific objectives. During each phase, you’ll receive instructional prompts followed by eye movement sets. You choose which event, trigger, or issue to focus on before each session, based on your treatment plan or how you feel. You only have to focus on the traumatic event once per session for a matter of seconds.

Navigating Your Healing Journey-
End your Journey or Take A Break

With Waji, you have the flexibility to decide when to end your treatment or take a break. When your symptoms become manageable or disappear, you may feel ready to move on, or you may choose to continue using Waji for ongoing support. The decision is yours, and Waji will be there to support you every step of the way.

Just 15 Minutes Per Session

How A Waji Session Works

Waji aims to gradually lower the distress associated with your trauma in a much more manageable way. With each Waji eye-movement session the power your trauma once held over you will start affecting you less and less.

Just 15 Minutes Per Session

How A Waji Session Works

Waji sessions are simple and easy to do. Just log on to your computer when you’re feeling up for it, and follow the on-screen prompts.

Accessible Anytime Using Any Computer, Laptop or Tablet Device.

Waji Can be Used On Any Computer, Laptop or Tablet.

What Types Of Trauma Can Waji Help With

Single Trauma Events

Typically occurs from an event that happened once, like a car accident or sudden loss of a loved one. Since all of your symptoms relate to the same event there is less complexity involved in resolving them quickly.

Prolonged Or Complex PTSD

More complex Trauma is like an onion, there are multiple bound layers of trauma, and they need to be peeled off a layer at a time. This makes Waji a great solution as it can be used to work through the different layers as much as you need.

Waji FAQs

Our online PTSD treatment application is designed to be a self-guided and accessible tool for individuals who may not have access to or prefer not to work with a therapist. We understand that you’re eager to see results, and we’re happy to share that many users report noticing improvements after just one session.

That being said, everyone’s experience with our application is unique and it may take a few sessions to get used to the treatment and start seeing more significant changes. Some users may notice immediate improvements in their levels of relaxation and reduction in anxiety, while others may require a few more sessions to fully engage with the treatment and experience the full benefits.

Our goal is to support you in your journey towards healing and recovery, and we’re confident that our application can help you achieve meaningful results over time. As you progress through the treatment, you can expect to notice a decrease in the intensity and frequency of your trauma symptoms, as well as a reduction in the emotional pain associated with your trauma.

We encourage you to approach the treatment process with patience and commitment, and to engage with the tools and techniques provided in the application to maximize your results. With regular use and dedication, our online PTSD treatment application can be an effective tool for improving your well-being and quality of life.

With Waji, you can get access to unlimited sessions, resources, and live daily support for only $39 per month. Our monthly subscription model gives you the flexibility to use Waji for as little or as long as you need, with no commitments and the ability to cancel at any time. If you need financial assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Waji, we’re committed to your satisfaction. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with Waji for any reason, just contact us and we’ll be happy to refund you. 

You can always reach out to support for additional guidance, members who complete more than 4 sessions usually experience the best results.

Have Questions? Schedule a Free No-Pressure Consultation

We would be happy to go over the Waji program and answer any questions you may have. 

Not just another coping tool, but a real solution.

You can work through your trauma in a healthy, natural way that has significant efficacy, and does not require a therapist. You will feel better about yourself; you will be able to address the root cause of your negative emotions and unwanted thoughts; you will build trust in your mind again because you are taking back your power; and you’ll feel like a better, healthier and more optimized version of yourself.