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How Waji Works

Waji’s proprietary self-guided eye-movement-based therapy is specifically designed to quickly heal PTSD and trauma painlessly without ever having to talk about it.

The Waji Self-Guided Treatment

Our online self-guided rapid eye-movement therapy is safe, easy, and convenient! We provide a fully-guided experience from start to finish that never leaves you guessing what’s next. You just login into to the Waji platform, click “Start New Session” & let Waji gently guide you through the entire process leaving you feeling better. 

On Your Schedule
Accessible Online
Live Support Daily

Easily Fits Into Any Busy Schedule

We make it easy for you to start feeling better by offering multiple flexible treatment guides that can be followed at your own pace. You can use our 21-day fast-track treatment guide that either ends your symptoms or gets you to a place where your symptoms are much more manageable while also making you comfortable enough to use Waji in a way that best meets your needs and goals. We also provide a more flexible treatment guide that can fit into any type of schedule. 

Waji is Perfect For Any Type of PTSD, Trauma and Phobias.

While the path toward relief looks different for each person. Waji can help with any level of trauma, in fact, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Heavy Stressors, Acute Stress Disorder, Trauma & PTSD.

Typically occurs from an event that happened once, like a car accident or sudden loss of a loved one. Since all of your symptoms relate to the same event there is less complexity involved in resolving them quickly.

You might have this if any of these apply…

Estimated Treatment Length

Waji members with less complex trauma often see a clinically significant decrease in their negative trauma symptoms within days to weeks of starting treatment. You will get relief starting day one.

Prolonged Or Complex PTSD

Complex Trauma is like an onion, there are multiple bound layers of trauma, and they need to be peeled off a layer at a time. This takes some time and patience.

You might have CPTSD if any of these apply…

Estimated Treatment Length

Many Waji members with Complex Trauma often see a clinically significant decrease in their negative trauma symptoms within weeks. You will get relief starting day one.

Waji Program Overview

Waji aims to gradually lower the distress associated with your trauma in a much more manageable way. With each Waji eye-movement session the power your trauma once held over you will start affecting you less and less.

Quickly Learn How To Use Waji

We promise Waji is simple and easy to use! Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you can get started right away with our short tutorial. You will gain key insights to help you heal and understand how & when to use the Waji treatment application. 

Build Your Customized
Waji Treatment Plan

Effortlessly craft your personalized plan with our easy & automated treatment plan builder. You’ll be able to use your treatment plan as a road map for what you are going to work through during each treatment session and stage of the Waji journey. It will help keep track so that there is no guesswork involved.

Start Completing Waji Treatment Sessions

Follow our flexible treatment guide as directed. To access the Waj treatment sessions, all you need do is log in, follow the instructions, and allow Waji to gently guide your sessions.

With each session, the power your trauma once held over you will start affecting you less and less. 

End Your Journey When Ready Or Take a Break!

When you’ve reached a point where your trauma symptoms are gone or more manageable, that’s when you’ll know it is time for treatment to end. You may just want a break to reflect on your progress. Only one person can decide when you’ve reached this point, that person is you!

Waji doesn't leave you exhausted, and distraught, rather leaves you feeling better! Waji won't wreck your day allowing you to focus on what's important

Choosing Your Waji Program

Waji is so easy to use! All you have to do is show up at your computer anytime for your Waji sessions and follow the fully-guided prompts on the screen.

The Waji Eye Movement Therapy Difference

Waji is an eye-movement-based treatment that follows its own healing protocol. Designed by a PTSD expert and sufferer, using years of firsthand experience as both client & therapist to help thousands get on their feet again without having constantly relive it through talking about what happened over again.

✔️ No Talking About It, Just Healing

You spend 100% of the time focused on healing instead talking about your pain at length. This does little to relieve it and can be counterproductive to the healing process, because you are constantly reinforcing and reminding yourself of the pain you are trying to overcome.

✔️ No Emotional Hangover

Waji helps you process trauma in manageable pieces that don’t overwhelm the brain or leave you emotionally exhausted and distraught. In fact, it’s quite the contrary, people typically leave their sessions feeling better than before they started.

✔️ Shorter Path To Relief

Waji has no drawn-out protocols that draw out the length of your treatment or focus heavily on every bad thing that ever happened to you. Our healing process allows you to gently jump right into it the root cause of your trauma without all the analysis and ambiguity.  

✔️ Uninterrupted Progress

Waji is delivered online without a therapist on your schedule, so there’s no need to interrupt progress by waiting until your next appointment. Our healing process guides your brain into an emotional headspace, that is not interrupted after each set by asking you to talk about it, most times just retriggering you.

Have Questions? Schedule a Free No-Pressure Consultation

We would be happy to go over the Waji program and answer any questions you may have. 

Tips For Program Success

Stay Engaged

Keep your Momentum, and limit program inactivity. Complete each activity with care! Remember this is an investment into yourself.

Be Committed

Remember, you’re doing this for you. Using that motivation to stay committed & consistent will get you to a symptoms -free life much quicker! Waji isn't forever.

Plan Ahead

Waji doesn't require much of your time.. Scheduling explicit time to devote to program activities is an excellent method of keeping yourself accountable.

Find your space

Find that calm place where you can devote your full attention to your treatment sessions, with minimal distractions.