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How Waji Works

Waji is an online rapid-eye-movement therapy application that allows you to process unresolved trauma in a healthy and manageable way, beginning with the gradual and consistent reduction of your emotional suffering and overall trauma-related symptoms.

Process Unresolved Trauma On Your Terms

Healing from trauma is different for everyone and is unique to each individual’s situation. Waji understands this and provides a step-by step guided approach that provides flexibility for you to process unresolved trauma, situational triggers and emotional pain at your own pace and emotional comfort level from home. This allows you to focus on healing where you feel you need to most-providing immediate relief, eventually to long-term relief.

Waji Provides Relief Where You Need It Most:

Major Trauma Events

You can work through major traumatic, or stressful life events that has caused your emotional suffering. This can help you get peace, closure and release any unwanted emotions that are holding you back. Focusing on the bigger events first may ease the emotional pain and symptoms your continuously having to deal with.

Micro Trauma Events

Micro events are smaller, hurtful things or situations that happen in the context of a larger traumatic event. Processing these lingering emotions helps to ensure that you’ve processed the larger event in it’s entirety, making it less likely to resurface.

Triggers & On-Coming Stressors

Waji can help you to reduce or do away with known triggers, and stress that you experience in day-to-day life. This will change how you respond when the trigger occurs in the future. Often this looks like, a lesser negative reaction than usual- maybe even without others noticing. Eventually, you may find that what once very triggering, don’t bother you much at all anymore. When you don’t have to worry about getting triggered, you’ll find your life, and relationships will naturally improve too.

Waji Program Overview

Waji aims to gradually lower the distress associated with your trauma in a much more manageable way. With each Waji eye-movement session the power your trauma once held over you will start affecting you less and less.

Quickly Learn How To Use Waji

Our promise to you is that Waji is simple and easy to use! You can begin using it immediately after completing the sign-up process by following our short tutorial. This will provide you with key insights to help you heal and understand when & how to use the Waji treatment application.

Get Your Personalized
Waji Treatment Plan

Our automated treatment plan builder will help you effortlessly craft your personalized plan. You can use your treatment plan as a road map for what you need to work on during each treatment session and stage of the Waji journey. This will help you keep track of your progress and ensure that there is no guesswork involved.

Use The Waji Treatment Application

Waji sessions typically last 15 minutes and consist of five phases of healing with specific objectives. Each phase comprises instructional prompts followed by eye movement sets. You choose what event, trigger, or issue to focus on before each session, based on your treatment plan or how you feel. Then you start your session and work through the 5 healing phases. You only have to focus on the traumatic event once per session, and it’s just for a short time.

End Your Journey When Ready Or Take a Break!

When you’ve reached a point where your trauma symptoms are gone or more manageable, that’s when you’ll know it is time for treatment to end. You may just want a break to reflect on your progress. Only one person can decide when you’ve reached this point, that person is you!

Waji doesn't leave you exhausted, and distraught, rather leaves you feeling better! Waji won't wreck your day allowing you to focus on what's important

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The Freedom to Focus on You, Not Your Trauma.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to deal with your trauma, Waji’s rapid-eye-movement technology may be able to help you process your past traumas more effectively, reduce and even eliminate your symptoms.