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“How long” should I use Waji? When is it time to stop using it?

 It depends!  Just as each individual has a different trauma experience, each person experiences healing in different ways.  In general, the following can be used as a guideline for when you are ready to stop using Waji and move on to the next step—which is whatever your trauma seems to be holding you back from.   You’ve used Waji and  
  • You have addressed your goal issues—you have processed core traumatic events and come to an understanding with these events 
  • You respond better to stress—stressful situations that were once unmanageable are now okay or can be handled in smaller chunks 
  • You do not trigger as easily—you startle less, are less agitated or less anxious 
  • You are not as angry—you respond to situations more gracefully; small irritations are easily let go 
  • You sleep better (have fewer nightmares, fewer incidences of night sweats, less instances of insomnia) 
  • You have increased awareness and insight into your own behavior and are able to respond accordingly 
  • You use substances responsibly 
  • You are less reactive anger is no longer your default emotion 
  • You address concerns differently—you are more likely to ask questions than to get angry 
  • You are able to reflect and find solutions, even if it is after a period of time, instead of feeling as if no solutions exist 
  • You notice when you fall back into old patterns and adjust accordingly 
  • You take responsibility 
  • You are able to communicate differently 

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