Thank You John! & Congratulations

Watch this video for next steps!

Step #1

Check your email for login instructions, & login to your Waji dashboard.

Check the email you signed up with the subject line: Setup your Waji Account. Next, copy your temporary password, and click the Dashboard Login link to login with your provided credentials, and create a final password.

Step #2

Follow the 'Getting Started' steps to unlock access to your first session

Complete the short Waji tutorial to set yourself up for success. All steps must be marked complete to unlock treatment access. If your access is not unlocked automatically, please try refreshing your browser tab.

Step #3

Use Waji 1 to 2x / week (recommended) to work through your trauma events.

Start your first session, and use Waji regularly to work through your trauma events. Minimum recommended use is 1-2x/per week, for additional guidance you can refer to your treatment guide, or chat with Waji support.

Key Tips for Success

Having a problem? Contact Support ASAP

Having a problem, or have a question? Don't wait reach out to our support team ASAP. Any details you provide help us, help you fastest!

Give Yourself a Chance to Be Successful

Don't get discouraged if you aren't seeing results right away. If you keep going, you'll get there. The best results occur after 3 sessions!

Stay Consistent & Use Your Resources

Consistency is the key to great results! Not sure where to start, or go next? Use your treatment plan to help guide what you work on in your sessions.

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Stay Engaged

Keep your Momentum, and limit program inactivity. Complete each activity with care! Remember this is an investment into yourself.

Be Committed

Remember, you’re doing this for you. Using that motivation to stay committed & consistent will get you to a symptoms -free life much quicker! Waji isn't forever.

Plan Ahead

Waji doesn't require much of your time.. Scheduling explicit time to devote to program activities is an excellent method of keeping yourself accountable.

Find your space

Find that calm place where you can devote your full attention to your treatment sessions, with minimal distractions.