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Our Story

Meet Dr. David Bonanno Founder & Past Sufferer

After 26 years of suffering from PTSD Dr. Dave Bonanno came to the realization that traditional therapies and medications were largely ineffective  and making his condition worse.

Your Trauma Can Be Relieved
Just Not With Traditional Therapies

I created Waji because there is a better approach to treating & understanding PTSD, Trauma and Phobias. An approach that does not require years of costly talk therapy or pharmaceuticals that just don’t work well for PTSD, but rather, an affordable solution that works quickly to ends symptoms while providing long-lasting relief. A treatment specifically focused on the individual’s needs created by someone who has experienced PTSD firsthand. After a lifetime of pain, research and study I’ve worked with many PTSD sufferers to create and refine a better approach to treating PTSD, and now replicated the same great treatment digitally making it accessible anytime, and anywhere.

Let me guess what has brought you here….

  • You constantly feel on edge. No one understands how it feels to have PTSD.
  • You have trouble connecting with others. The people you love the most are pulling away because they don’t understand PTSD.
  • You have self-destructive behavior. Your pain is making decisions for you that aren’t healthy.
  • You are done feeling the way you do. You most likely have been let down by talk therapy and prescriptions. 

Here is my story

I was not broken!

When I was a kid, my mom had a stroke, and then right after that, my dad got sick with cancer and died. It was incredibly sad. It was overwhelmingly painful. And, my mom became bitter and took it out on me and my brother. It was terrible and, I would have to say that, I was a very messed up kid.

My passion is working with people who, like myself, have PTSD and have been working to develop a solution that rapidly reduces the symptoms of PTSD without barriers. I have been in the mental health field since 1993, earned a doctorate, and trained under some of the best clinicians in America.

After countless ruined relationships, addiction, suicidal ideation, unbearable loneliness even when I was around other people… I took matters into my own hands. 

I Couldn't Find Any Real Help

Trying to get help became extremely  exhausting, demoralizing and was a continuous let-down. I was sick of trying things and just hoping the best. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure out why I lived under this dark cloud. And I spent years trying to get to the bottom of this.

I had 26 years of talk therapy

I was prescribed drug after drug

I used marijuana

I tried yoga and meditation

But I always ended up right back where I started. My relationships were fragile. I struggled financially. Each unsuccessful effort reinforced that I was broken.

The more failures I racked up – the more broken I felt.

I went through so much pain in my life

I started seeing therapists when I was a kid. They made me talk about the worst moments of my life every week until I couldn’t take it anymore. I literally had to relive my traumas again and again. I was not not releasing my pain anymore, rather was rehearsing it. I tried SIXTEEN different psych-meds and none of them helped.

There were countless ruined relationships, addiction, suicidal ideation, unbearable loneliness even when I was around other people… I wasted so much money on things that I thought would make me happy. I went bankrupt.

I was so messed up, not confident and ashamed while all my friends were getting married and buying houses.

I Took Matters Into My Own Hands

I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I knew I had to do something about it  and I would be damned if I couldn’t figure it out.

I decided to go back to school to get my doctorate in psychology. I studied every therapy, started practicing under some of the best psychologists in the country, met more and more people like myself, and then discovered a bombshell about myself- I had PTSD.

Even after becoming a Psychologist, I didn’t know had PTSD

I learned most research on PTSD was limited & stale usually the definition would just be a list of symptoms. The breakthrough for me was discovering PTSD wasn’t just for veterans, trauma comes in many different forms and can affect anyone. Unfortunately, I wasn’t taught this in school. It started becoming clear what the real problem was; the psychological community truly didn’t understand PTSD and most importantly that trauma creates changes in the brain.

Traditional Therapies Were Never Going to Work

Traditional therapies don’t work well for PTSD or trauma because most therapy only engages the logical side of your brain, but trauma is associated with the emotional side of your brain, a place most therapies just can’t reach.

In essence, your therapist can help you understand why you’re messed up (which might be helpful to an extent), but no matter how many talk therapy sessions you attend, you will still be messed up, and your wallet will be a lot lighter.

If Not Traditional Therapies, Then What?

Then I learned of Rapid-Eye Movements therapy, a treatment that could interact with the part of the brain responsible for triggering your fight or flight response. I was excited about it, and decided to try it as patient. It  helped to an extent, but I found just like talk therapy. The sessions were long and I still had to continuously talk about my worse moments. 

It wasn’t perfect for PTSD but there was obviously something to this-  so I got trained in it. 

Life Started Getting Better

I started feeling what it is like to have more love, confidence, connection, and joy when PTSD doesn’t run your life.

With this new found energy, I was able to go all in on perfecting a quicker and less painless way specific to PTSD based on my own experiences, and those of my clients.  

Fast Forward to 2014

I opened own practice, and started using eye-movement therapy with my clients. The results were very positive, but as both a Psychologist, and PTSD sufferer I still identified areas where treatment could be improved.

I naturally began to refining and adapting my practices to be specifically tailored to my clients, who like me, are trauma sufferers. After this, the positive results my clients experienced went from good to great!

Treatment became shorter, more flexible, effective, and practical for people who didn’t want to spend the rest of their lives in therapy.

By Pure Coincidence

It seemed as I was working myself out of a job (which was the point of this treatment) because clients were getting relief in such short periods of time. I began receiving many 5-star reviews from grateful clients. followed by more appointment requests than I could realistically handle! It was gut-wrenching to turn people away. But what could I do? I was only one doctor.

By pure coincidence, my answer came faster than expected when someone asked me: “Why can’t this be replicated digitally?”

They were right, there was no reason why it couldn’t be!

5000 clients later with a great deal of research and investment, Waji can do what I didn’t have the capacity to do on a mass scale. It replicates and guides you through the same highly effective treatment I once delivered in person, from your home and on your schedule. Waji makes PTSD relief limitless.

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