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Waji Digital Phobia Mastery Program – Monthly

Price:$39.00 / month

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  • Access to the Patent-Pending Waji Digital Treatment Application
  • Complete Onboarding Interactive Tutorial
  • Follow-Up with Waji Therapist to Ensure Success
  • A Dedicated Customer Success Specialist
  • 60 Day No Question Ask, Money-Back Guarantee

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• In just a few moments you will begin the first of your 4 steps to recovery.
• Work at your own pace – The Waji Treatment Program is Accessible Anytime, from Anywhere.
• Waji Promises Fast Relief from Phobia in the comfort of your own home.
• For a One-Time Investment you get Unlimited Access and Support
Plus: A Follow-Up Appointment After Using Waji to Ensure Your Success

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Jennifer Archable
Great for teletherapy

Waji offers a used friendly way for me to work with my clients in my teletherapy practice. Two if my favorite modalties in one to help clients with trauma histories heal.

Abby Lee
I find using waji relaxing

I've struggled with PTSD for years. My thoughts and emotions were always spinning out of control. Waji has giving me a way to control my emotions. I'm starting to feel more emotionally stable, and at ease. Someone below used the phrase "waking them up," I totally get it. You get this clarity that allows you finally see what's holding you back. I'm a believer!

Happy User
Waji is meeting my expectations

I have experienced terrible trauma's throughout my life. I wanted to try a new form of treatment to see how it differs from regular therapy. I'm no longer skeptical, and plan to keep using this service.

Honest review:

Actually helps.

Waking up with Waji

Waji woke me up to a few issues that were dormant for far too long. I had to confront them. I needed some kind of closure. Waji has given me the courage to do what I need to do in order to maybe finally heal!