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Waji Digital Phobia Mastery Program

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Price: $99.00

  • Access to the Patent-Pending Waji Digital Treatment Application
  • Complete Onboarding Interactive Tutorial
  • Follow-Up with Waji Therapist to Ensure Success
  • A Dedicated Customer Success Specialist
  • 60 Day No Question Ask, Money-Back Guarantee

Congratulations and Thank You for choosing the Waji Treatment Program

Waji Mental Healthcare dave-e1539760249835-294x294-1 Waji Digital Phobia Mastery Program

Here’s a quick reminder about what Waji delivers.

• In just a few moments you will begin the first of your 4 steps to recovery.
• Work at your own pace – The Waji Treatment Program is Accessible Anytime, from Anywhere.
• Waji Promises Fast Relief from Phobia in the comfort of your own home.
• For a One-Time Investment you get Unlimited Access and Support
Plus: A Follow-Up Appointment After Using Waji to Ensure Your Success

I’m looking forward to meeting you during your follow-up appointment soon



1 review for Waji Digital Phobia Mastery Program

  1. GooseShelf

    I was able to go to the dentist for the first time in 12 years, Being able to just drive there, and get in the chair was a major improvement for me. Dr. Bonanno has also been great in helping me get to a point where I can get a desperately needed root canal. I recommend this treatment!

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