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Waji Digital Trauma Program- Monthly

Price:$39.00 / month

No Contracts, No Commitments, Cancel Anytime.
  • Full Access to the Waji Treatment Platform
  • Unlimited Sessions, Anytime & Anywhere
  • Session Self-Scheduler for Reminders
  • Progress Tracking Dashboard
  • Personalized Guidance Plan
  • Live Dedicated Daily Support & Help Desk
  • Works On Desktop Computers, Laptops, & Tablets
  • 30-Day Money Back-Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
John S
A little more grounded and kinder to myself

I am using Waji for marriage trauma. It has helped some. I've been using this daily but been told to put some space between sessions. Either way, it's been a step in the right direction.

Easy to use!

This has been better than other online eye movement tools I’ve tried.

Why am I required to leave a title

Definitely helping me some.

Rita S
Remarkably surprised by Waji effectiveness

Sometimes, you just need a comfortable way to process different aspects of your trauma without having to talk about it. That's what Waji has been for me.

I appreciate that I can focus on what's currently on my mind and also what I'm comfortable with, rather than getting deep into things that no longer bother me as much but could potentially mess me up if I need to think or talk too deeply about them. I've already noticed a positive difference in my life and feel more self-aware and mentally equipped to handle some of the deeper issues that have been holding me back.

For instance, I used Waji to work through a recent trigger from a seemingly insignificant incident involving my daughter, and it led me to recall a childhood experience that likely caused the trigger. So I started working through that experience. But just that small breakthrough did wonders for my healing, emotional well-being and relationships. It's genuinely pretty amazing and revitalizing to have this tool by my side. While I do wish the community was a bit more active, my experience as a whole has been quite good, all things considering. The sessions take me around 15 minutes, and using Waji is straightforward with decent personalized treatment guidance. LIKE ANYTHING, you just need to stick with it, and use it.

I've been in and out of various types of therapy for years and have always felt stuck. This is the first time I've experienced lasting relief. I sincerely hope sharing my experience can help others in similar situations.

Great idea, needs polishing, support is good

I love the concept behind this program. It's given me real results for the trauma section. Also any time I ever need to contact support, they reply so quickly to help, they are great.

The only reason I can't do five stars is it still feels a bit like a beta version to me. The prompts are a bit repetitive with time and often I run into bugs/glitches while using it. Once this gets more polished and finalized it will be five stars.