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Waji Digital Trauma Program- Monthly

Price:$39.00 / month

No Contracts, No Commitments, Cancel Anytime.
  • Full Access to the Waji Treatment Platform
  • Unlimited Sessions, Anytime & Anywhere
  • Session Self-Scheduler for Reminders
  • Progress Tracking Dashboard
  • Personalized Guidance Plan
  • Live Dedicated Daily Support & Help Desk
  • Works On Desktop Computers, Laptops, & Tablets
  • 30-Day Money Back-Guarantee

Customer Reviews

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Haven’t Heard On My Ticket

I’m trying to cancel and I haven’t heard back in almost a week

Melinda Saulson
I have never heard back from customer service about canceling my service!

Nor refunding my last automatic charge as I requested. It was a big mistake to try this!
Melinda Saulson [****]
Please do not print this - just let me know the refund has been issued and service cancelled!

Finding a New Normal

Growing up wasn't easy, and it's affected pretty much every part of my life. Simple things, like watching TV, which should have been relaxing, were often ruined by my mother's sudden shouting. For a long time, just trying to chill out left me really anxious and constantly on edge- basically, not able to ever unwind.

When I found Waji, I won’t lie—I was skeptical at first. But giving Waji a shot changed my outlook. It’s been more helpful than I could have imagined.

Now, I can sit down and enjoy my time without the constant fear of interruption. It’s not gone completely, but it’s no longer in control. Waji has helped me start to feel normal during times that used to be very tense. I'm moving forward now into the deeper trauma caused by my mother's actions.

Bianca Rae
nifty way to heal

I've benefited from using waji to sort through past trauma identified in my in-person therapy. It's given me a way to further work through those and get more out of my therapy sessions.

Long time subscriber

It's a great app I don't use enough.