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Waji Digital Trauma Mastery Program (Monthly)

Price:$59.00 / month

No Contracts, No Commitments, Cancel Anytime.
  • Access to Waji Self-Guided Treatment Platform
  • Monthly Access-(Cancel Anytime or Until No Longer Needed)
  • Fast & Easy Self-Guided Onboarding Process
  • 24/7 Unlimited Treatment Access
  • Live Dedicated Daily Support & Help Desk
  • Full PTSD Resource Toolbox

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Liking it so far.

I'm doing better now than before I started using it.

Tactical Chaplain
Great at home tool for integrating challenging experiences

Very easy and useful tool to use at home and improve mental health by integrating challenging experiences. Highly recommended!

Brandon P.

I had low expectations for Waji, but it has pleasantly surprised me. I haven't tried it to work through my traumatic childhood yet, but it has helped me get over some tough situations that would have otherwise upset me for days. The sessions are quick, predictable, and rather light. It's quite soothing too.

Jen B.

Waji is a game changer for helping calm PTSD and Phobias. I used it consistently and found that old triggers were no longer an issue.
I would highly recommend trying Waji to relieve and calm PTSD episodes.

It's definitely helping

There's only one prompt, but I've been successfully using it multiple times a day. Would love it if they added some variety. But it certainly works! I can't even remember half of the trauma off hand anymore.