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This short video is about Dr Dave Bonanno’s revolutionary approach to dealing with PTSD. Hear how 26 years of suffering from PTSD brought him to the realization that traditional therapies were making his condition worse. And how after a lifetime of research and study he has successfully helped over 5000 PTSD & Phobias clients.

How does the Waji Treatment Program Work?

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This is designed to help you to understand your PTSD in order to start healing – Dr. Dave presents a series of short informative videos and provides clear instructions for getting the most from your Waji experience.

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Using the Waji Treatment Application is simple, quick, and easy. The Waji Treatment application painlessly
relieves PTSD symptoms by clearing the pain, fear and anxiety associated with past traumatic events and their underlying issues. This works on a subconscious level using Dr Dave’s unique ‘Eye-movement’ technology that is built into the app. An approach that has proven highly effective for long term, positive change with even the most chronic cases of PTSD.

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Meet w/ Dr. Dave to Ensure Success, Go Over your Progress and for your Personalized Treatment Plan with an optional Follow-up. After your first session with the App, Dr Dave will invite you to discuss your session with him and ask him any questions. This is a great
opportunity to guarantee your success and create a Personalized Treatment Plan with Dr Dave, based on your progress and his extensive knowledge of the Waji Treatment Program and personal experience with PTSD.

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Go Live Life Symptom-Free, Follow Your Treatment Plan, and Lifetime Support is available for all Waji Treatment Program. Users at every stage of their recovery journey. As well as Waji’s signature money back guarantee**, Dr Dave and the Waji team are dedicated to help all Waji App users to help them live a happier life that is free from the debilitating effects of PTSD.

I’m going to take you the step by step and show you my revolutionary method for overcoming your PTSD and getting your life back – all from the comfort of your own home

From the Desk of Dr Dave:

Dear PTSD sufferer,

Have you been struggling to connect with the people in your life, when all they do is pull away and treat you like you are crazy?

Have you been trying in vain to make healthy decisions while battling with self- destructive thoughts?

Obviously, whatever help you have been getting is not getting to the core of the problem. For 26 years I saw therapist after therapist until I could not bear to talk about it more.

I was trying to understand why my life had been a rollercoaster of loneliness, addiction, intense emotional pain, broken relationships, and financial ruin.

The fact is – I hated my life.

My goal was to become a whole person, to know, love, and feel what it meant to have a real connection with myself and others.

I am sure you feel the same.

The most important thing to realize about PTSD is: The longer you live with PTSD the harder it gets because the next problem compounds on the last one and makes life even more unbearable.

The dark cloud that PTSD casts over you impacts on every aspect of your life – and the more broken you feel.

Only a very small number of people realize they have PTSD yet official figures estimate there more than 8 million registered PTSD sufferers in the USA alone.

You are not alone but you are incredibly lonely.

So, let’s say you manage to get partial relief by using marijuana, sex, or alcohol.

But your real goal is to be free.

Now there are three ways you can do this.

Imagine how proud your family and friends will be when they see you connecting,

enjoying, and functioning in ways that bring joy and happiness into everyone’s life.

With more energy, more confidence, and more direction, knowing that you have your life back on track and feeling excited about the future.

It is time to put PTSD behind you and embrace the life you were born to live

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As a special offer today, you can access the Waji Program and app for a one-time investment of only $197

Imagine how much you would have saved in money alone if you had accessed this 12 months ago and imagine how much you will save in the next 12 months – and that’s without costing the costs of the pain and misery suffered by you and the ones you love as they see you destroy your life.

The Waji Confidence Money Back-Guarantee

Our Promise: If you don’t experience noticeable relief from your PTSD symptoms, we will work with you until you feel the full benefits of your Waji Treatment Program, or issue a full refund**


Over 5000 people have already successfully been treated by Dr. Dave Bonnano’s to free themselves from the shackles of PTSD.

You can read 100’s of their reviews on Google and see for yourself. Simply search: 'Dr Dave Bonnano

As a special offer today, you can access the Waji Program and app for a one-time investment of only $197

If you are still sat on the fence and would like to discover more about the Waji Program – click on the green button below to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, where Dr. Dave covers all the common questions people ask before buying

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If you don’t experience noticeable relief from your PTSD symptoms, we will work with you until you feel the full benefits of your Waji Treatment Program, or issue a full refund (Conditions apply)


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