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What is Waji?

Waji is a digital treatment application and treatment program that can be started immediately with your laptop or desktop computer at home using a combination of tested and innovative therapeutic strategies alongside our patent-pending rapid eye-movement technology guided by focused-prompts to provide short & long-term relief from trauma symptoms.

What You Should Expect?

Waji program requires commitment and consistency, but it's at your pace, on your schedule and isn't forever.
You will start feeling results from when you start until you don't feel the need for Waji anymore; in which case your symptoms should no longer prevent you from fully participating in life.

What is the goal of the Waji treatment?

The goal of the Waji treatment is to help you gradually reduce or even eliminate the negative trauma symptoms, and emotional pain related to your trauma or traumas, along with ensuring you know how to use Waji correctly. With each session, you'll feel better, and less affected by your symptoms and trauma-related stressors. In 21 days, Waji aims to get you to a place where your trauma isn't causing you severe pain or holding you back from being your best and happiest self. By the end of the 21-days, even if you still need Waji you will be comfortable using it and know how to use it to best meet your treatment needs and goals.

Do I need to follow the 21-day roadmap exactly?

You do not need to follow the 21-day roadmap day by day. For best results, do try to meet the weekly treatment goals. These goals were thoughtfully created to keep you on track, as well as keep treatment manageable even for the busiest of schedules! However, we understand different things work for different people – if neither of these options work for you, you can always customize your treatment schedule to meet your needs. In this case, we recommend limiting your inactivity to no more than four days between sessions, over a 30-day period.

How much time do I need to dedicate to treatment a week?

During Week One, you will need 60-90 minutes, this includes a few getting started steps, and your first couple of treatment sessions. During Week Two and Week Three you will only need approximately 40-60 minutes per week for treatment. That’s just 20-25 minutes, two times x 2 weeks. All time spent is 100% on your schedule, so you can get help when it’s most convenient for you. No scheduling, no waiting, you can access Waji with a few clicks, and then get on with your day!

How long does it take to complete a session?

Each Waji session takes approximately 20 - 25 minutes, that’s shorter than most sitcoms on Netflix!

Can I complete more sessions per week than what's shown in 21-day the roadmap?

Absolutely! Especially If your feeling comfortable using Waji, and want to keep your momentum.

What if I get off track?

Life is busy, and it happens. Don't worry about it! Just pick up where you left off with treatment. You can always contact our dedicated support team if your feeling stuck or unsure where to pick up from.

Can I complete more sessions per week than what's shown in 21-day the roadmap?

Absolutely! Especially If your feeling comfortable using Waji, and want to keep your momentum.

What kind of equipment do I need to complete a treatment session?

All you need is a laptop or desktop computer, and a stable internet connection! Waji’s fully guided online treatment platform can be accessed with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Can I complete sessions back-to-back?

It is not advised to complete treatment sessions back-to-back. It's best to wait a couple of hours in-between sessions, or just start a new session the next day!

If I'm feeling better but it hasn't been 21 days, should I keep going?

If you feel better and you're not sure whether to complete another session, take an extra day or two to see if any symptoms you commonly experience come up. If they don't and you don't feel like you need to use Waji again, trust yourself. You can always come back and complete more sessions if you need to. Please also feel free to message or start a chat with Waji support if you're unsure of anything, that's what we're here for!

So in 21-days I won't need to use Waji anymore?

If you follow the Waji program as instructed, you should experience a significant reduction in your trauma symptoms within 21-days. Whether or not you will need to continue to use Waji past this timeframe depends on the complexity of your trauma, as well as how consistently you follow the program. By the end of the 21-days, even if you still need Waji you will be comfortable using it and know how to use it to best meet your treatment needs and goals. For more complex trauma, you may need to use Waji in the future.

When will I start seeing results?

Many people start seeing results following the completion of their first session. Others may require 1 or 2 sessions to get used to the treatment before starting to notice results.
Everyone is different, and neither situation is wrong! Early treatment results can be described as feeling more relaxed, less anxious, and less irritable after completing a session. As you progress with the treatment you will notice more significant, life-improving results. These results include a decrease in the intensity and frequency of your trauma symptoms, as well as the emotional pain associated with your trauma.

How do I know I'm getting better?

Most people who experience trauma can pinpoint a few symptoms that regularly make their life hard. For some, it's insomnia or maybe it's feeling constantly irritable.
One great indicator of progress is that these symptoms that you experience regularly start happening less, and are less intense than usual. The more sessions you complete, the more benefit you see. Another sign is that the things that would normally really upset you don't cause you to react in the same way you might have before treatment. For example, if being stuck in traffic is typically very distressing for you, you may start to notice that you still don't like it, but it doesn't make you irritable and anxious to the point it ruins the rest of your day!

Do you accept insurance?

While we do not accept insurance, Waji believes everyone deserves access to affordable, high-quality PTSD treatment.

This is why we only charge one flat affordable fee, rather than an expensive monthly subscription or co-pay per session which are common among most online and in-person PTSD providers.

This will save you a lot of money in the long run, and allow you to focus on your treatment without worrying about how continuing to get help will affect your wallet. Just pay once, and complete as many sessions as you need!

We also offer affordable payment plans so you can get started right away! If you’d like to learn more about setting up a payment plan, click here.

What does Waji treat?

Waji effectively treats PTSD, Trauma, Specific Phobias, and unwanted emotions. These include but are not limited to:

Sexual Assault, Death of Loved One, Miscarriage, Serious Injury, Accidents or Disasters, Victim of Violent Crime, Witness of Crime or Tragedy, Domestic Violence, Emotional Abuse, Job-Related Trauma, Loss of Health or Career, Loss of Relationship (Romantic, Platonic, Familiar), Incarceration, Childhood Trauma, Physical or Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse or Neglect, Abandonment, Witness of Violence, Having a Mentally ill or Addicted Parent, Bullying / Harrassment, Any Other Traumatic Event

Fear of: Snakes, Spiders, Heights, Driving, Flying,Going to the Dentist or Doctor, Animals, Needles,Confined Spaces, Germs, Public Speaking, Bridges andmany more. UNWANTED PAINFUL EMOTIONS Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Anger and Rage, Persistent Anxiety

What is a Digital Treatment

The answer is fairly simple. After years of successfully practicing our therapy in-person, and online, we created the Waji Treatment Application to replicate the same great treatment experience on a digital platform.

Simply put, you now can access the same highly-effective therapy, in the same manner, you would if a therapist was directing you, but instead of the therapist, our application guides you through your treatment session. Treatment sessions are the therapeutic heart of the Waji program.

All you need to get started in a laptop or desktop computer, and a stable internet connection.

How do I know if I'm feeling better?

So you're using Waji to feel better. But what is better? One indication of progress is that your negative symptoms are decreasing as you complete treatment sessions. Another great indicator of progress is how you feel, are you less stressed, less anxious, and more energized? We also provide personalized progress reports.

The ultimate indicator of success is that you get to a point that your typical (trauma-related) stressors that once threw your day for a loop no longer get in the way of your ability to live the life you want!

Is Waji right for me?

Waji is for any level of severity. Some people will feel better right away, others may need to use Waji more often in order to achieve their desired results.

If PTSD, trauma, a phobia or fear is sabotaging your life, Waji is right for you. If you’ve tried talk therapies or prescription medications - and still feel stuck, Waji is right for you. If you feel like you have no options left, and don’t know where to turn, Waji is right for you. If you are ready to heal and believe you deserve a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life, Waji is perfect for you.

What if I get stuck and need help?

No matter where you’re at in your journey, you can count on our support to ensure success.

We provide live chat support daily, dedicated support, community forum to ask questions, progress reports, and provided a full treatment guide for success.

How is Waji (Relatively) Painless? ​

The only painful part is when the patient is asked to recall a traumatic event. But this is only one time per session, for only about 30 seconds, and while their eyes are moving, which is very calming in itself. It is right in the beginning. Once that is out of the way the therapy is easy and even fun to do. The patient does not even need to talk about it!

Relative to talk therapy, Waji involves only a tiny fraction of the pain. In talk therapy the patient is made to re-create in as much detail as possible the worst moments of their lives. Having to do so is based on the assumption that as someone talks about their pain, they are releasing it.

It is our conviction that this is not releasing the pain, it is rehearsing it.

Then there is exposure therapy which does take things further. It can involve using hypnosis or devices such as virtual reality to induce pure terror. The thinking is that the patient’s fight or flight response gets “worn out” after repeated exposure to what terrifies them.

While there is evidence that this works to some degree, in our opinion, this is completely barbaric, as in it we have seen the cure is often more painful than the symptoms.

Is Waji Safe?

We stand by the use of Waji 100%.

  • It involves a tiny fraction of painful experience compared with exposure or even conventional talk therapy
  • The eye movements are by themselves deeply calming
  • There are specific instructions embedded in the program to induce calming.
  • If someone were to become overwhelmed for some reason, their unconscious mind would almost always dissociate, so that they would not feel the full weight of the pain
  • Most people would simply stop using the app. They would not be prodded and pressured by a therapist to “go there.”
  • PTSD is by definition a condition in which its sufferers constantly endure intrusive thoughts, feelings, and images. Using Waji and reimagining traumatic events for less than 1 minute is nothing new for them whatsoever.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

YES! Your investment is backed by ‘The Waji Confidence Money Back Guarantee’

Our Promise: If you don't experience noticeable relief from your PTSD symptoms, we will work with you until you feel the full benefits of your Waji Treatment Program, or issue a full refund**

We will issue a refund providing that**:
  • You have completed at least 2 treatment sessions
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