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The following statistics & reviews are based on non-incentivized paid Waji users. The majority of Waji users suffer from CPTSD, and range in the ages from teens (using with parental consent) to 70 years old.

Dr. David Bonanno has seen over 5,000 people and perfected a better way to treat PTSD that can be replicated digitally.

90 %

Of Waji users saw a noticable decrease in their trauma symptoms in just one session.

50 %

Saw a clinically significant decrease in their trauma symptoms after just two sessions.


Is the average number of sessions users needed for desired results.* 

Is the average PCL-5 symptom decrease within 30 days of consistent usage. Exceeds the threshold to be considered a clinically significant improvement.
< 1 %

Experienced more trauma symptoms than when they started.

30 %
of Waji users who would have likely qualified for a provisional PTSD diagnosis, would likely not have qualified after using Waji over multiple sessions.
80 %

Of Waji users who took part in our UX survey would highly recommend Waji to someone looking for trauma relief. 

5 -Stars

Is the average google review rating of Waji users who have provided reviews.

< 1 %

Of Waji users requested refunds. The majority who did were trying Waji to help with other types mental health disorders.

Google Reviews

Due to the nature of our service, and users’ privacy. We do not actively seek reviews because many people who use Waji are just getting their lives back after a long time of suffering. 

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