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Why Talk Therapy Doesn’t Work for PTSD


I know a lot of people think talk therapy is the answer to all their problems. But I want you to in-depth understand why this doesn’t work for PTSD and usually leaves them feeling worse off than before they started going through these motions over again thinking about what could’ve, would have or should happen next! A therapist telling us “just let go” or giving different perspective on how we are feeling does not fix anything. You just can’t change the past. Going over and over the worst events of your life just doesn’t resolve anything. I know you’ve been through it all in your head 1000s of times, but most likely your trauma is still affecting you.

I wish it worked that way. But I propose that after a session or two you are not releasing your pain. You are rehearsing it. Whatever you focus on you magnify, and when you go to therapy you are focusing on your problems. I went to therapy for 26 years. That’s ridiculous. Every session was highlighting how I was a victim of my unchangeable past. I would regularly be so upset after each session that I wouldn’t be able to drive home. Asking myself, “Is this really helping me?”

You see, any discipline is only as good as its application. My brother is an attorney, and he likes to say that doctors were still using leeches to drain everyone’s blood while lawyers were writing the constitution. Psychology has been around for only 130 years. And as far as treating trauma is concerned, it has not advanced much at all since the 1880s. began working with women who were sexually abused, and he discovered that when they were able to finally share their secrets with him, they felt relief. That’s it! All talk therapy for PTSD started with that simple idea coupled with the completely false assumption that more talking equals more relief. It doesn’t.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy appeals to people because it makes sense on the surface and it’s a really nice fantasy that you can simply change your thoughts and then change your life. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to talk to someone outside your inner circle without judgement. CBT people say that first you have a thought and then you have a feeling about it and then you act or react….. Nope! Have you ever been triggered? Your brain and body have an automatic immediate response and then you can hardly think at all. In fact, the logical, left side of your brain is supposed to go offline because over the last ten thousand years humans have needed to act or react in a flash instead of slowly thinking through decisions. The human brain is still constructed like this. Your spouse or your boss could say something to trigger you and then the chemical changes in your brain are the exact same as if your life were threatened. I wish psychologists would stop trying to get people to turn off their ancient fight or flight systems because all that ever ended up doing for me was make me feel more crazy and mentally weak.

Talk therapy is insight-based. Therapists assume that once the patient realizes why they do what they do, they can simply correct it and everything will be great. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Many therapists start treatment by taking a history and making a diagram called a genogram of the problems that go back for generations in your family, and they gather info for weeks before you can even start dealing with the present. I never did that with my patients. I have had incredulous colleagues say to me, “Well how can you help a person solve a problem if you don’t understand it?” It took me a long time to think of a metaphor, but what if you went to a mechanic because your brakes were making a noise. Would you want that mechanic to sit down with you week after week for months or years asking you how you feel about it? You guys could go over and over all the possible reasons why your brakes are imperfect and how it’s not your fault. Or would you just want him to change the brake pads? That’s what my Waji treatment and my application do. Waji can actually fix the problem by re-wiring your emotional brain using our proprietary 5 Stage healing process in combination with Waji’s powerful Rapid-Eye Movements technology.

Trauma and almost all other problems are phenomena of the unconscious, emotional, right side of the brain.  Smart people intellectualize about trauma with their left brains, but the traumatized right brain doesn’t speak English or logic. It’s all emotions and images and metaphors. Talk therapy is all left-brained. What humans’ needs is a way to interface with the right sides of our brains. Please read more about Waji, or try it for yourself to truly understand what I mean.

After successfully healing your original traumas and their primary symptoms, you may find a talk therapist useful in treating your secondary symptoms and guiding you back to full health. You had to organize your life around your PTSD, and doing so has its own costs. People often develop bad habits like addiction, anxiety, and depression. Also, because most people don’t understand PTSD and think it’s just for combat veterans, your family and friends may have given you bad advice, labeled you, or even written you off. You may benefit from help in repairing relationships and decreasing social alienation. Imagine your knees and back having to adjust to your broken foot. After surgically fixing the problem at its source with Waji, a little physical therapy couldn’t hurt to get you back on track. Soon you will be happier, able to think more clearly, have more energy, and have the ability to start living the life you want to live.

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