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Open the Waji App and Select “Start Session.”

Waji sessions are simple and easy to do. Just log on to your computer when you’re feeling up for it, and follow the on-screen prompts.

Focus your first sessions on:

When prompted by Waji, recall the triggering event and follow Waji’s gentle five-phase proprietary healing protocol to guide you through the process

Waji Will Guide You Through Transforming Your Reaction

When asked how you would have wanted to react, imagine your ideal reaction and go with that for the following eye-movement sets.

✅I would like to stay calm and centered in a similar situation.
✅ I want to be able to communicate my needs clearly and calmly in a similar situation
Work through it at your own pace In 15 Minute Per Session

Take as long as you need to work on this trigger,  even if it’s just one session per week!  You will know when your ready to move on. When you find that things that once triggered you no longer have the same effect.

 After your first month, continue for just $39/month until you decide you know longer need it, and cancel – no long-term commitment required.

By Identifying what to work on first, you can begin the healing process right away, gradually easing into it while experiencing relief and learning how to process other unresolved trauma.

Imagine the difference it would make if stressful situations had a lesser impact on you, allowing you to navigate life with more ease and resilience.

✅Accessible: Waji is available to you wherever you are, whenever you need it.

✅Convenient: With unlimited sessions, you can fit Waji into your schedule on your own terms, making self-care a priority that works for you.

✅Empowering: By providing the tools to work through triggers, Waji empowers you to take control of your emotional responses and build resilience for the future.

By Starting Your Journey Here You Can:

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Imagine the difference it would make if stressful situations had a lesser impact on you, allowing you to navigate your life with more ease and resilience.

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